Public University Orientation Information

The second U.S. Public University Orientation in Korea will proceed according to the following 

schedule. We hope to have a time of fellowship and important information exchange by dining 

with students and parents. We hope for the parents' participation. 


1. Date: Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010 12PM~2PM 

2. Place: Zeus Star 

 (100 meters from Yeoksam Station, 3rd exit - Postil Building B1) 

3. Content: 

 - Relay important information about public universities 

 - Necessary items for leaving the country 

 - Fellowship with students and parents 

4. Misc. 

 - The orientation is mandatory for students 

 (it is recommended that parents accompany the student) 

 - The research center must be notified of the number of attendees per family 

 (please use the bulletin board on the home page) 

- Items to prepare: 

 1. Public University Handbook (only students who have it) 

 2. Copy of high school diploma (for graduating seniors) 

 3. Copy of student visa (to be submitted to the airline) 

- Free parking within the building is available