The First Study Abroad Scholar Selection Information

KEC chooses students with good academic standings who want to study abroad but need 

financial help, and funds the student’s study abroad for a year. 



 1) Current high school sophomores ~ college sophomores with a good community service record 

 2) English Grade of A: at least two years for high school, one year for college 

 3) Student with English grades: TOEFL 89 (IBT based) 

 4) Teacher’s recommendation needed for students in need of financial aid 


*Scholarship Payment 

 1) American public high school - 1 year’s tuition around $6,000 

 2) Georgia State University – 1 year’s tuition around $5,000 



 1) Application (download from homepage) 

 2) Transcript and community service record 

 3) Original copies of English scores (TOEFL, SAT) 

 4) Essay – childhood, intended major, plans after graduation, etc. 

 5) Teacher recommendation (download from homepage) 


*Receiving application dates: Dec. 14. 2009 ~ Jan. 29, 2010 

*Will be awarded on: Feb. 20, 2010 (Korea Center seminar room)